VTCT is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of sport and active leisure courses. VTCT qualifications are aligned to the Irish and UK state qualification frameworks and recognised throughout Europe and the world. Visit www.vtct.org.uk for more information.


qcfQualifications & Credit Framework UK is the state qualification system for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. All QCF qualifications are automatically aligned to the National Framework of Qualifications (QQI Ireland).

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The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is a ten-level system (1–10) giving an academic or vocational value to qualifications obtained in Ireland.  NFQ levels help indicate how an award can be used for training, education and employment opportunities (see fan diagram).  Each level is based on nationally agreed standards of what a learner is expected to know and be able to do after receiving an award.  QQI is Ireland’s guardian of the NFQ system and is responsible for the quality assurance of providers of education and training. QQI also has responsibility for the validation of qualifications and also make some awards ourselves.  NSC VTCT qualifications are aligned to QQI at levels 4, 5 and 6.



Register of Exercise Professionals (UK) is the largest fitness instructor/personal trainer register in the world with over 30,000 members.  Through the international agreements with ICREPS, REPS UK accredited qualifications are recognised in all countries who have an exercise register in place.  UK REPS Level 2 awards are placed at Level 3 in Ireland and Europe, UK REPS Level 3 awards are placed at Level 4 in Ireland and Europe.  Visit www.exerciseregister.org for more information.



The Sports Massage Association is the UK’s largest association for sport and remedial massage therapists.  The SMA is a not-for-profit professional association run by elected sports massage professionals.  It’s role is to further the profession of sports massage and injury management throughout the sport and active leisure industry.  With strong links across Europe and Australia, the SMA fully endorse courses run from School of Sport.  Visit www.thesma.org for more information.