Cardio-Kickboxing & Box-Fit Instructor Course

CPD Award in Cardio-Kickboxing & Box-Fit Training

If you want to further enhance your fitness qualification and open new areas of training, look no further than the CPD Award in Cardio-Kickboxing & Box-Fit Training from the National Sports College.

What is Cardio-Kickboxing & Boxfit Training?

Cardio-Kickboxing & Box-Fit Training is a high energy, explosive, exciting and motivating way to train – your club or freelance class will greatly benefit from offering this programme of training. The CPD Award in Cardio-Kickboxing & Box-Fit Training is a non-contact fitness programme based on professional kickboxing, karate and boxing disciplines, training concepts and coaching guidelines. It is kickboxing for fitness using sports specific techniques which at times involve the use of martial arts equipment. A typical Cardio-Kickboxing & Box-Fit class can last up to sixty minutes and include a wide range of martial art and boxing moves which can be mixed with traditional aerobic routines. Classes can also be team or circuit based and involve the use of kick bags, focus pads, medicine balls and skipping ropes.
Marital Arts as we know it began over a thousand years ago. NSC recognises that the study of karate, kickboxing and traditional boxing occurs over many years. The CPD Award in Cardio-Kickboxing & Boxfit Training is designed for the fitness instructor or personal trainer with little or no experience in the world of martial arts or boxing and will focus on the fundamentals necessary to be able to teach a safe and effective programme of training based on various martial art disciplines. The CPD Award in Cardio-Kickboxing & Boxfit Training is Ireland’s only martial art fitness training programme taught by a registered tutor coach in martial arts.


Recognised Gym Instructor Qualification.

Course Information

Course Information



Course Content

The CPD Award in Cardio-Kickboxing & Boxfit Training is presented over 1 day.  Course participants must hold a group fitness instructor (studio instructor/exercise to music) qualification. The subject matter covered includes:

  • History of Martial Arts
  • Client Screening & Suitability
  • Skill Related Components of Martial Arts & Boxing
  • Breathing Technique, Form, Balance, Centre of Gravity, Mobility & Stability
  • Fighting Stances, Hip Alignment, Concentration of Power
  • Music Tempo, Verbal and Non-Verbal Cueing
  • Martial Art Stretching, Injury Prevention
  • Class Planning
Qualifications Awarded

CPD Award in Functional Athletic Screening & Reconditioning (NSC)
Previous Qualifications Required: Recognised Personal Trainer/Sports Therapist Qualification.

Course Fee

Course Fee:  €150

Course fee includes registration, course manual and certification.

Course Dates

This course starts in September 2022.

Please note dates are subject to Government Recommendations regarding COVID-19 and educational institutes opening times.

How to Apply

To apply, fill in our application form by clicking here. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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