Orthopaedic Sports Massage Course
National Diploma in Orthopaedic Sports Massage & Injury Management

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4 Months




This Level 6 advanced course of study builds on the NSC Level 5 Sports Massage qualification, developing further knowledge and understanding of the theories underpinning the practice of advanced sports massage and remedial therapy, including classification of sports injuries, conducting subjective and objective assessments and stages of healing.  In addition, you will develop the understanding, skills and techniques to plan, prepare for and apply a range of sports massage methods to both athletic and non-athletic clients with musculoskeletal issues.  You will also learn additional muscular and bodywork techniques not offered on other programmes, such as Sports Taping and Strapping, Sports Kinesiology Taping and Sports Dry Cupping.

Performing Subjective and Objective Assessment
  • Understand the different types of assessments for sports massage treatments.
  • Understand the influences and effects of client information on treatment planning.
  • Understand the purpose of tests involved in an objective assessment.
  • Be able to perform subjective and objective assessments and devise treatment plans.
Understand and Provide Sports Massage Techniques
  • Provide Sports Massage Techniques to prevent and manage injury.
  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the major joints of the body.
  • Understand the effects of anatomy, physiology and pathology on human function.
  • Be able to apply soft tissue techniques in sports massage treatments.
  • Understand the principles of soft tissue techniques used in sports massage therapy.
  • Soft tissue release, corrective frictions, trigger points and muscle energy techniques.
Understand Treatment to Support Injury Rehabilitation
  • Understand treatments to support injury rehabilitation.
  • Understand the use of cryotherapy and thermotherapy during injury rehabilitation.
Sports Taping & Strapping
  • Participants will acquire the knowledge regarding the various taping and strapping materials available and gain the practical ability to apply safe, effective taping and strapping to joints and muscles.  Areas covered include:
  • Pre, application and post application considerations
  • Functional Ankle taping * Plantar Fascia taping * Achilles & Patellar Tendon off-load
  • McConnell’s Taping for Patella-Femoral (Anterior Knee) pain
  • Lateral Collateral and Medial Collateral taping for the knee
  • Shoulder instability and A/C Joint Strapping
  • Lateral Collateral and Medial Collateral taping for the elbow
  • Wrist, Thumb and Finger Strapping
Sports Kinesiology Taping
  • Physiotherapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and sports massage therapists have embraced the Kinesiology Taping Method as an effective aid in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.  Areas Covered Include:
  • Functions and Effects of Kinesiology Taping
  • Differences between traditional Athletic Taping and Kinesiology Taping
  • Muscle Technique * Ligament (Tissue Lift) Technique
  • Lymphatic Technique * Fascia Technique * Correctional Technique
Sports Dry Cupping

Cupping therapy is a form of therapy where suction cups are placed around various parts of the body.  The main principle behind cupping is that the suction created encourages blood and lymph flow to promote the healing of a broad range of medical ailments.  

Areas covered include:

Various Types and Benefits of Sports Dry Cupping * Sports Dry Cupping Strokes
Reading the body’s response to cupping * Contra-indications
Improving recovery time for the athlete * Manual vs Mechanical Cupping

Course Start Date: December 1st 2024 – 2 Courses are Available

Theory/online course modules are released on December 1st, 2024, followed by practical sessions starting December 12th (weekday course) and 14th (weekend course) 2024.  Practical contact days are:

Weekday Course Option:
Thursdays - 9:30am to 4:30pm.  Contact Dates: December 12th, January 16th & 30th, February 13th & 27th, March 13th & 27th.

Weekend Course Option:
Saturdays - 9:30am to 4:30pm.  Contact Dates: December 14th, January 11th & 25th, February 8th & 22nd, March 8th & 29th.

Theory, research and assignments are completed outside of practical training days via recorded online lectures and video tutorials.  All practical training days occur at our college location in Kildare.

Learners are required to complete 50 recorded practice hours including 10 recorded case studies as part of their self-directed learning.  This clinical practice ensures that course learners meet strict accreditation requirements.


Limited Places Available

The National Diploma in Orthopaedic Sports Massage & Injury Management runs twice a year (June & December) from our college location in Kildare.  Weekday and weekend course options are available.  Our next course start date is December 1st, 2024.  Student places are limited.  Early registration is advisable.

Course Tuition Fee: From €1,995.  Course tuition fee includes access to our online classroom, course notes, online teaching materials, e-books and the supply of equipment and materials for practical sessions (massage beds, towels, oils, taping and strapping materials).  International Learner Registration, Assessment and Certification Fee: €100.  €1,995 is our early bird option (€200 discount) which must be paid in full prior to the course start date.  The regular course fee of €2,195 can be paid over 4 instalments during the programme.  Course fees and examination fees must be paid in full prior to final assessments and grading of assignments.  A refundable course deposit of €195 must be paid to reserve a student place on this programme.


Course Fee Option 1: Early Bird Tuition Fee = €1,995 (€200 discount)

Deposit = €195 (refundable up until November 1st, 2024).

Final Tuition Payment of €1,800 paid before your course start date of December 1st, 2024.

International Learner Registration and Assessment Fee of €100 is due January 1st, 2024.


Course Fee Option 2: Standard Tuition Fee = €2,195

Deposit = €195 (Refundable up until November 1st, 2024).

4 Payments of €500 due December 1st to March 1st, 2024.

International Learner Registration and Assessment Fee of €100 is due January 1st, 2024.


The National Diploma in Orthopaedic Sports Massage & Injury Management is open to applicants who hold a UK Level 3 (OFQUAL) or Irish Level 5 (NFQ) Sports Massage qualification which must have been obtained within the previous 5 years.  Level 3 RQF/OFQUAL sports massage qualifications issued through Focus Awards, City & Guilds, ITEC and VTCT are accepted.  Please contact NSC if you have any questions regarding your current sports massage qualification.  Course content is delivered to facilitate adult learners of mixed ability.  Course learners must be computer literate and have access to a computer with broadband availability.  Course notes, power-points, video tutorials, e-books and assignments are only available online.  Completed assignments are also required to be uploaded online.

Major Awards

  • National Diploma in Orthopaedic Sports Massage & Injury Management (NSC)
  • UKL4/IRL6 Certificate in Massage Therapy for Sports (RQF/OFQUAL)

Minor Awards

  • CPD Award in Sports Taping & Strapping (NSC)
  • CPD Award in Sports Kinesiology Taping (NSC)
  • CPD Award in Sports Dry Cupping (NSC)


This RQF/OFQUAL qualification is comparable to Levels 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) Ireland and has international recognition.  NSC/RQF/OFQUAL qualifications allow graduates to obtain professional indemnity insurance to practice in Ireland, the UK and across Europe.  The National Diploma in Orthopaedic Sports Massage and Injury Management consists of 6 modules, taught part-time through blended learning and completed over a 4 month period (December 2024 to March 2025).  This is a blended learning programme which involves online lectures, video tutorials and written assignments, coupled with practical in-person sessions.

Special 3 in 1 Course

Full Course

Gym Instructor

Full Course

Gym Instructor + Group Fitness Instructor

Full Course

Gym Instructor + Personal Trainer

Full Course

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Full Course

Aerobics Instruction

CPD Award

Step Aerobics Instruction

CPD Award

Boot Camp Instruction

CPD Award

Kettlebell Instruction

CPD Award

Cardio Kickboxing & Box-Fit Instruction

CPD Award

Coaching Olympic Lifting

CPD Award

Coaching Speed, Agility, Quickness

CPD Award

Boot Camp Kids Instruction

CPD Award

Functional Mobility Screening

CPD Award

Sports Nutrition

CPD Award

Special Dual Bundle Offer

Full Course

Sports Massage Therapy

Full Course

Orthopaedic Sports Massage

Full Course

Kinesiology Taping

CPD Award

Sports Taping & Strapping

CPD Award

Sports Dry Cupping

CPD Award

Sports Dry Needling

CPD Award

Functional Movement Screening

CPD Award

Sports Nutrition

CPD Award

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Gym Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor

Personal Trainer


Gym & Group Fitness Instructor Course

Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer Course

Strength & Conditioning COach Course

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Sports Massage

Orthopaedic Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy Course

Orthopaedic Sports Massage Course

Sports Dry Cupping Course

Kinesiology Taping Course

- Aerobics Instruction

- Step Aerobics Instruction

- Bootcamp Instruction

- Kettlebell Instruction

- Bootcamp Kids Instruction

- Sports Nutrition

- Sports Taping & Strapping

- Sports Dry Cupping

- Cardio Kickboxing & Boxfit Instruction

- Coaching Spped, Agility, Quickness

- Functional Movement Screening

- Sports Dry Needling